Monday, June 14, 2010

Buyster Winner Announced!

So it is time to announce the winner of the Buyster give away. Thanks to everyone who entered, I will be replying to all your comments down below. I didn’t like to on that comment thread, as I don’t like to comment on my give aways until after. :)

I went through, added up all your entries and used the random number generator againto find out the number of the lucky entry and it was...

EMMA!! Congratulations chic! So email me your addy and I will get them to send you the voucher! Now you can get the clock!

BTW everyone Emma is an awesome photographer, you can check out her stuff here.

Now in response to all your lovely comments, I will go from start to finish...

Thanks Susan, I checked yours out and the coupons and things look great! I wish we got stuff like that here in Aus.

Thanks for being a long time follower Melissa, hard to choose which one, hey? lol.

Thanks Mummyof3angels. I’m so glad the blog helps you. The snakes and ladders is a cool one and thanks for the Facebook mention.

Hi Dee, thanks for being a long time follower. The Domus lighting is really cool.

Aww, thanks Linda, hope you like it when you get it. And thanks for the Facebook shout out.

LOL @ Miggles, sure 1953 entries! Lol. Thanks for all your work! :)

Emma, CONGRATS! Hope you get and love the clock! And I just clicked to follow you, I thought I was, but apparently not!

Lol MMB, too much to choose hey! I like your blog btw. I checked it out the other day.

Thanks for all your support everyone!

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  1. WOOOHOOOO!! Thanks so much!!! Thanks to Miggles too, cause I saw your givaway on her blog :D


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