Monday, May 24, 2010

Unexpected bonus with my car

This morning I got up all pumped and motivated. I was going to do a few things and make some money today. Then my car died. Usually, this would be rather upsetting, but it’s all good, because it was only just bought, came with a warranty for free, so it is not going to cost us to fix (yes, already checked coz I know most warranties are not worth anything! Lol)

When I found the car, I was pretty unsure and didn’t really want it. Then I took it for a test drive and fell in LOVE!! It is so nice to drive and has little things like seat warmers I have never had. It was within our price range so we got it.

I did not take any of my own advice when I got it, such as you should check the price of the car on and you should check with insurance to see how much it costs to insure and you should research if the car you are looking at has any common problems. Me, I just bought the car. That is usually very dumb.

So after I had bought this car I rang insurance to see how much it is to insure. You could have knocked me over when they said the value of the car was $3,000 more than I spent. (I spent under $5k, so it was a little cheapie!) I have looked the car up now and it is worth more than I paid by A LOT, everywhere I look. This is very exciting. Many places have it for double what I paid.

I could actually sell this car and even after taking out the stamp duty I paid to transfer it into my name make a profit! Who the hell makes a profit completely by accident on a car?

I really do love the car, but the thing is it is going to be costly any time it needs a repair due to the brand, so I am thinking I should sell it on, take the profit and buy something else. We’ll see what happens when I get my car back.

Oh, and incase you are wondering, the mechanics said everything else is perfect and it runs like a dream!

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