Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How to create a vision board

I was asked this week to do a post on vision boards. I have one, so will tell you how I do it. I have always had a vision book, where I stuck things I liked or wanted in. I have also often had pictures stuck on walls of things I want or sayings that inspire me.

There are a few ways of doing them. You can break them into groups and do a vision board for different aspects of your life e.g. home, travel, career/finance, health etc... You can place everything all on one. Some people put a picture of themselves smiling and happy in the middle, others don’t have pictures of themselves on there at all.

I know what I want. I have goals and pretty set ideas. If you don’t know exactly what you want that’s ok. You can either sit and try to work out what it is you want or you can go through the process and what you want might just show itself.

Gather together lots of magazines from a variety of genres. I have property and investing, travel, home and garden, health and religious magazines, as well as a few catalogues of stores I like.

Go through them and rip out everything that appeals to you, that you would like, even sayings or words that stand out to you or describe what you want.

Once you have done that, start placing the images on the board in the way you like them. Do not glue them yet, you are just getting a feel for where you want to put the images. Discard any pictures you don’t feel are right. Some people put their pictures in like groups, others just put them wherever. It is YOUR board and about what YOU want, you do what suits YOU!

Once you have done that and the pictures are where you want them, glue them to the board. Use good glue, not just cheap glue that loses its stick quickly. It is a definite, purpose filled board. You don’t want you pictures (which represent your dreams and visions) to fall down.

Once it’s done put it in a prominent place where you will see it regularly. Mine is in my kitchen because I love to cook so am in there all the time. That and my kitchen is combined with my lounge/dining area, so it’s a good place for me.

Remember to take your time when you care making your vision board. It needs to truly reflect what you want. I have done rushed versions and it means nothing to me. When you spend your time making it, thinking about it and truly envisioning your life like that then it is a real vision board.

If you are struggling for ideas, here’s what I have put on mine and why:
A woman surfing – I want surfing lessons
A cruise ship – There is a cruise I want to do around the South Pacific which goes to Tonga
Turtle conservation in Costa Rica and Australia – I want to do a conservation holiday as a family
A woman flying first class – I want to fly first class
A globe – I want to travel the world with my family
Various furniture such as 4 poster bed, lounge suite, day bed, funky armchair – they are all types of furniture I want
Outdoor things like a swing set, BBQ, gorgeous outdoor lounge – I want a fun outdoor area
Swimming pool – I want one
Toyota Camry – Whilst this to many is not a car to dream of, it is the car I want. I like BMW’s and cars like that, but I have wanted a Camry for years.
Dishwasher, air con, fireplace – All things I want in my home
A picture of a $ sign grown in a hedge – Symbolises my wealth growing
A lay out of a property plan – I want to build my dream home
A few house with “Australia Property Investor” on them – I am and will expand my portfolio
I phone, Dyson vacuum cleaner, Kitchen Aid mix master – All things I want
Sneakers and black high heels – Symbolise shoes I want and a new classic wardrobe
A photo of me, when I was the weight I want to be – Self explanatory really.
Words such as “storage”, “workplace”, “a place for everything”, “keep things tidy” – Are all things I want in and for my new home
Words such as “Fit and fabulous” and “Healthy lifestyle” – Are what I want to be and have
A Nikon D5000 camera – Yeah, badly want one of these!

So those are just some of the things on mine. Have fun making yours!


  1. Thank you :-) Will have another go...

  2. Good luck with it. If you were closer I have a tonne of mags, lol, but I am way South. lol.

  3. I'm too much a tightwad to buy mags. LOL!! But the lady I do cleaning for, throws week-old mags out, and it just so happens that my job is to empty the bins. I just can't bear to see good mags get turfed out like that, so I've started salvaging them, for the express purpose of making my vision board...:-)

  4. LOL, score on week old mags! I got some for 20c at Salvos and others were old from when we were going to renovate. lol. I can't believe ppl buy mags every week. I know so many better blogs! lol

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