Tuesday, May 4, 2010

House on the market

I am quite excited. I have just started the house selling process. I own a house with my husband in Sydney and the money I make from it I wont be using towards my challenge, but I thought what I have learnt so far would be good for others anyway.

It was quite a process. Talking to real estate agents, getting a feel for them before getting them to appraise the house.

There were a few things we were looking for in an agent.
1.) They had to be confident and know their stuff. The first one we went into, the guy seemed very nervous and didn’t really know the area (the office was in the same suburb as our house!). He did not seem confident in his selling ability. He also had no clue about house values and put our brick house in the same category as fibro homes. (There is a significant price difference).
2.) They had to list everywhere we would look for a home and have good advertising.
3.) They had to charge reasonably, not over the top.
4.) They couldn’t be pushy or try to hard sell why we should go with them. 1 guy did this and I asked 3 time show much it was going to cost me, “Oh, well first I’ll show you our packages...” Yeah, I have worked in sales and understand the steps, but if I ask you 3 times for the price TELL ME THE PRICE!!!! When I did get the price it was almost double everyone else, for not much difference, other than the hard sell.
A lot of how we chose was done by gut feeling as well. We quickly narrowed it down to 3 and they came out to our house and did appraisals. 2 suggested the price we were thinking and the 3rd was much lower. So we were down to 2.

It took quite some time to decide between the 2. The prices and advertising packages were the same. They were both nice and we felt comfortable with them both. Both said they would take care of our tenants.

In the end it came down to both of us feeling in our guts to go with the guy. We were tossing up between a guy and a lady. We didn’t choose based on sex or age, but just felt the guy was right.

We went to the solicitor we used when we bought 4 years ago and amazingly she remembered us! How cool is that. It took 5 minutes, she took our details and will have the sales contract done in 2 days (usually it takes up to 7). So it is all happening now. The property should be listed in a week, once the contract has been done and the agent has gotten the photographer to go out.

We are hoping an investor buys it so the tenants can stay, but ultimately decided that if it means a sale for us, we were happy whether they were an investor or not. We’d like the house sold.

Wish me luck.

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