Friday, May 14, 2010

Child free day

Today I have had no kids so have finally had time to concentrate and it has been wonderful. Not that I don’t love my kids, but being able to work without interruptions has been great.

Today I put up my first Squidoo lens which is very exciting for me. I have been meaning to do it for ages. I have more planned and now that I have done one I am sure I will be able to do the rest much quicker.

I have sent a few emails in regards to my book and various ways of promoting it. I have been meaning to do that for 3 weeks now but kept getting busy or chickening out.

I have consolidated money from various accounts into one. I still have to deposit some cash, but will be doing that next week.

I have also packed my bag for the markets tomorrow. I am nervous and excited about this. I have my float, my table, chair, snacks, drinks etc... I hope it goes well.

I’ve written out my list of things I need to do still and a time frame for it. I have also worked out a routine for my family. My girls are getting more restless being in a small place so we need to have a daily activity somewhere else. I’ve found when we do they go to bed earlier leaving me more time at night to work. So instead of grabbing time slots during the day I am going to concentrate on just working after they have gone to bed in a more focused environment.

I’ve been looking at homes online and seeing what I would like to buy. I am suddenly very motivated which is great because I have been a little flat for a while.

I am going to create more vision boards/walls. I am going to stick up more pictures, thoughts and quotes around my house to keep me focussed. I like the spot I am in mentally right now and would like to keep things this way. I am very positive and focussed and have been receiving a lot of support and encouragement.

I know I can do this. I know I can achieve my million dollar challenge. I also know I can do it in less than 5 years.


  1. I like the new look. I'm partial to 3 column blogs for some reason.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Children at home during work can be really a daunting task. but you are managing it well and keep up the good work going.
    Personal finance

  3. Your Squidoo lens looks great. Well done! Can you add a guestbook module so we can all leave comments? :-)
    Am loving the three column look too.

  4. Love the new look of your blog. Keep visualising your goals and you will get there. Some days it will seem out of reach but your attitude is so good I have no doubts you will achieve your goals. Hope the market went well.

  5. Thanks everyone. I prefer 3 columns too. Glad you all like it and thanks for the encouragement! :)


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