Friday, May 28, 2010

Blogs I like

This week in an effort to learn more about blogging I have been “studying” other blogs, looking at their lay out what I like, what I don’t etc... It has been really interesting and I have come across some great blogs which I thought I would share with you all. One thing I found interesting was when I did my post on No more TV I didn’t look at what other blogs were writing, but a few days later I did and it seems many bloggers feel the same as I about TV!

One particular post on TV watching I really like can be found here.

So, now for a list of some of the blogs I found and like
The Simple Dollar has been around for quite some time and has some great posts to read through when you have time.

Moolanomy has a great archive of articles on making and saving money as well as investing.

The Wise Buck is a male blogger discussing money saving, investing and money making.

Financially Poor are relatively new, but it’s interesting. It a mid twenties guy and he has some great articles so look in the archives.

Wisebread top 100 most popular blogs will give you a lot of blogs to read and the site itself is awesome. There are more than 100 blogs if you look right through.

Steve Pavlina has a site I have been to many times before and love. He has some great posts, not just on finance and websites, because he is all about personal development. I came across this post when I was trying to decide what to do for work (for some reason on that day I could not get the link to work here!)

So those are just some of the blogs/sites I came across and thought I would share this week. Have fun reading!


  1. I LOVE that letter from a thief!! Very clever and oh so true.

  2. Me too, I'd read it before, it's so true.

  3. Have you been to my site?


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