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70+ ways to work or make money from home

This day and age there are so many opportunities to earn money from home. There are also a lot of scams out there looking to take your money, so you need to carefully select what you will do. I have compiled a list here of ways to make money from home, some online, others require physical work, but all can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Before we start, be aware that regulations vary from place to place. You may need permission to do some of these things on your property. You may need qualifications, you may not. It all depends on where you live. Make sure that you take out insurance to protect yourself against lawsuits of any kind especially if people are going to be coming to your house.


1.) Blogging is a great way to earn an income. It does take quite a while and a significant amount of effort before you will begin to reap rewards. Many people jump in thinking they will start making money instantly, but that is not the case. You may make small amounts, but not true income amounts. The way most people earn from blogging is via affiliate links such as amazon, adsense with Google and selling things such as eBooks on their blog. A really good download on blogging Kateigirl showed me can be found here. If you're after a really good blogging course this one is awesome. I have just started but it has already made a huge difference to me.
2.) Write an eBook. There’s lots of advice out there about how to do it. It can be on anything you know about. The first step is actually writing it. Most people don’t get past that point. Figure out what it is that you have to share with the world, write it down and put it out there.
3.) Squidoo is a site where you write a page, called a lens on anything you like. Add pictures, links to Amazon products and make it fun. You get paid 50% of the affiliate money from any links in your lens such as Amazon. You also get paid a few dollars if your lens is in the top rankings. They are easy to do, but to earn real money from them you need a few up. Once they are up though, they are there forever and it can be a good little money stream.
4.) Sell books on Fishpond if you are in Australia or try Amazon if you are in the USA.
5.) Type up resumes/uni assignments. Be clear that you are typing only. You are not responsible for the actual content, grades etc...
6.) Freelance editing. You could set up an online business where you edit peoples blogs, websites etc...
7.) Online life coach. Many people use life coaches to motivate themselves and get their lives in order. You could offer daily emails, a guide on how to do different things, like organise the house, ask for a raise, get fit etc...
8.) Virtual Assistant. Some companies now have online assistants how make their calls, appointments etc... everything an in office assistant does without actually being there.
9.) This is your life DVD’s. With some computer know how you can create beautiful memories for people. They bring the photo’s they want on the DVD and the music they want it set to, then you create the DVD. It is excellent for 21st, 50th, wedding anniversaries etc...
10.) Create a niche website e.g. wedding vows/local business site. Something you are passionate about. You then make money from affiliate links and selling advertising space. You could create a site with a store and sell things on it too. It’s up to you what you do and how you do it.
11.) Website design. Not everyone is talented in this area and with more and more people creating websites, it is a great market to get into.
12.) Design blog backgrounds and do blog make-overs. April Showers does this and a great job of it too.
13.) Create your own ezine people subscribe too. This could be something you add to your site or blog or just do on its own.
14.) SEO consultant. There are businesses now who check your site/blog and redo it for Search Engine Optimization. If you know a lot about this it is a good option.


15.) Import wedding dresses and sell them. You could set up a room in your house with the dresses hanging up, a big mirror and change area. Import them from China or somewhere and resell them for much more than you paid. Wedding dresses for curvier women are in high demand.
16.) Buy to resell on eBay. There are still bargains to be found, though it is getting harder. You really need to know what will and won’t sell so you don’t end up with a house full of things you don’t want.
17.) Sell on eBay for others. Not everyone wants to sell on eBay and many people feel overwhelmed by it. You could list it for others taking a percentage of the sale or charge a flat fee to list on their behalf.
18.) Break up selling service. After a break up many people have things from the relationship they don’t want but can’t face selling. For a fee you could sell it all for them. All they have to do is pack it up and give it to you. Make sure they sign a waiver stating it is theirs to sell. When I say break up stuff I mean gifts such as jewellery, cd’s etc... not the ex’s clothes or car!

Use your house

19.) Family day care or child minding. Family day care is a company you can do it through. You need to have your house passed for safety and need some training, but many people run very rewarding businesses this way.
20.) Drop off babysitting/occasional care. Provide a service where mums can drop their kids for a few hours to do the shopping and errands. Charge per hour. Parents could have set days and times, or ring on the day to see if there is space available. This suits lots of people who would like to do things without the kids, but don’t want to enrol them in regular day care.
21.) Rent a room to a boarder or exchange student. If it is a boarder charge extra for meals if they want them. Exchange students have a set fee they pay and you have to help get them settled into the country, show them around, set up bank accounts etc... So they can be more work than your usual boarder, but depending where you live they can be worth more too. With a boarder have a written agreement about how much they will contribute to bills, whether they can use your phone/internet, food, cleaning, everything.
22.) Rent out the garage for people to store their stuff. Storage places aren’t cheap and if you are not using your garage you could rent it out. Have a set agreement about how much they pay, how long they have, when they can access the property, do they call you first, what can they store (So you know they aren’t storing illegal things) etc...
23.) Rent out your driveway or yard to someone who needs to store their caravan/RV/boat. Again, have a thorough written agreement.
24.) If you have a pool you could do swimming lessons, both for kids and adults. Or you could do aqua aerobics if you are qualified.
25.) Alternatively, if you have a pool you could lease it to a personal trainer to do swimming and fitness classes in your pool.
26.) Lease allotments in your garden for people to grow their own vegetables. Charge a fee for the spot and a fee for water.
27.) If you have a large block, or rural block you could set up a dirt track people could use for their trail bikes, lease some of the area to those with horses, grow Christmas trees to sell.
28.) If you have a large block you could build a shed or barn to hire out for parties and weddings etc...

29.) Freelance for newspapers and magazines
30.) Write gift card sayings and quotes. Here is a great article about it.
31.) Write puzzles for magazines and newspapers such as Sudoku, cross words, find a words etc...
32.) Write reviews at places like Product Review Australia
Australia's Favourite Review Site!

Anyone can do it
33.) Ironing. Advertise in your local paper or on community noticeboards. It’s up to you if you charge per item or per basket, whether you include a pick-up drop off service, same day or next day service. How you want to run it is your choice.
34.) Submit money saving tips, jokes, funny stories and photos to magazines and newspapers.

Some skills needed

35.) Make-up for bridal parties. If you are a make-up artist or are good at make-up you could do bridal parties, formals etc... in your own home. Set up an area specifically for it, provide nibbles and things for full bridal parties, play music and have fun.
36.) If you can sew or are a professional seamstress you could make bridal dresses, page boy suits, kids clothes, party costumes, the list is endless. You could do it all from home or sell them at markets and things. Etsy, madeit, oztion and eBay are all great places to sell your items.
37.) If you can sew you could specialise in alterations. Hemming pants, fixing ripped seams, that sort of thing.
38.) Personal trainer at home. Once you have your qualifications you can do it in your own home or backyard.
39.) Photography. You could set up a room in the house and do family portraits or glamour shots.
40.) Furniture restoration. If you have the right tools and a workshop area this is something you could do. Be careful though, as some pieces of furniture require specialist skills and you do not want to damage a beautiful antique.
41.) Massage in your house. Have a room set aside with a table, some soft music, towels etc... Offer ½ hour or more, head, neck and shoulders, back, full body etc...

Classes you could teach
42.) Basic mechanics. Obviously you would need to know what you are talking about, but you could do it in small groups. They bring their car and you teach them about it, changing oil, tyres, checking fluid levels etc...
43.) Cooking classes. These can be small and intimate. You could do Thai, Chinese, Italian or even a just moved out of home and need the basics class.
44.) Grooming and deportment classes
45.) Tutor in anything you can do. Piano, guitar, English, Math etc...

From the garden
46.) Sell potted cuttings, bulbs, herbs etc...
47.) Sell eggs from chickens
48.) Sell fruit or vegetables from your garden
49.) Sell honey if you keep bees
50.) Wheatgrass trays. More and more people are seeing the benefit of wheat grass. With the right juicer they can make their own shots each morning. You could do trays for $10. It takes a few days to grow it, but it is very easy. People could pop in on their way home from work to grab one and make enough shots from it for a few days.
51.) Garden sculptures from metal, wood or ceramics.
52.) Create water features to sell.
53.) Breed animals such as dogs.

Create, cook or build

Click the image to see a great wedding blog
54.) Cupcakes. Cute little decorated cupcakes can be sold online, to cafes or direct to businesses such as hairdressers and offices.
55.) Wedding cakes/birthday cakes. A wedding cake typical goes for $600+. They are a lot of work and you do spend a bit on equipment and products but you make a few hundred from each cake. Birthday cakes are not as much work generally and their prices reflect this.
56.) Party invitations. Create beautiful wedding invitations, birthday party invites etc...
57.) Thank you gifts for weddings and parties. Little things like personalised lollies, gift bags, cute figurines...
58.) Cookies for businesses. Many salons serve a cookie with a coffee when people are having their hair done. A homemade cookie is better, so why not be their supplier?
59.) Be a fairy lady. Create everything to do with fairies such as wings, dresses, wands, tiara’s, pretty hair pieces etc... sell them online.
60.) Beaded jewellery. Sell them online or on consignment in various stores.
61.) Build cubby houses. The y could be sold in packs to put together or as a ready made product.
62.) Wooden toys and puzzles, the educational type are becoming more and more sought after instead of the easily breakable cheap plastic items from China.
63.) Build furniture like unique dining and coffee tables from recycled wood.
64.) Make and sell soy candles.
65.) Pregnant belly casts. This could be set up in your garage or a spare room. You make casts of people when they are pregnant. They could choose to have them painted or left plain.
66.) Baby hand and feet casts. There are actual franchises you can buy into for this or go it alone.
67.) Print pendants. A piece of jewellery with your loved ones fingerprint in it. Using a baby hand cast, you can create a unique piece of jewellery. This is a business you can buy into or create yourself.
68.) Set up an embroidery business. You could do personalised towels, work uniforms and more.

Survey sites
69.) Pure Profile is an online market research company I have used. You need to be over 18, fill out some forms, then just check it regularly. You can get paid from 5c (usually 10c or 15c) for a website visit, anywhere from $2.50 - $20 for a survey and when your account reaches $25 you can cash it out and it is paid straight into your account. It can take a few weeks to receive the money though.
70.) Product tester – This is a form of market research. You sign up and they send you products to test and fill in surveys. Sometimes you get paid, sometimes the payment is the free products. Soup is a good one. Also check out VibeVillage
71.) Rewards Central is another online site where you get paid a small amount for visiting. You accumulate points for doing various things such as web clicks (2 points) a quick survey (3 points) and sometimes there are bonus web clicks where you get another 2 points for each click. The quick survey is not available every day, but if you click on it even when there is no survey you get an entry in the draw for $10,000. You also earn points by shopping with their rewards partners. Once you reach 3300 points you can get a $30 cheque or for 10100 points you get a $100 cheque. They are linked with My Opinions.
72.) My Opinions is a survey site where you accumulate points to cash out. You can transfer points from this site to Rewards Central once you reach 100 points. My opinions will email you to let you know when they have a survey for you to do. If you check in regularly there are quick surveys worth 3 points. Also in the rewards section there is an instant win. This is a game where you click on a square and can get from 0 to 500 points for nothing.
73.) Your voice is another site where they will email you surveys to do you can get vouchers such as Woolworths or Dymocks.

A few tips when filling out surveys...
1.) Be honest and answer each question properly.
2.) At the end most have a comment box, write something in it. Anything, because it shows you are paying attention and “care” and it means you are more likely to get more surveys.
3.) Update your profile regularly. If you buy something new or are looking to, have a child, fall pregnant, get married, get divorced, whatever it is, chances are it is in your profile and needs to be changed.
4.) You don’t have to do them all. You will get lots of emails for different surveys, but the good thing is they usually state how long they take and how much you will get so you can choose which ones you’d like to do. If you go for long periods without doing any though, you won’t get sent the good ones.
5.) Be aware you probably won’t get a lot of money for them and it may take a while for points and things to accumulate so they are definitely not a get rich quick scheme.

A few random things
75.) If you are psychic you could set up a room and do tarot, palmistry, whatever your ability is.
76.) Rent things out for parties such as chocolate fountains, chair covers, table clothes, disco lights, cutlery and crockery, smoke machines etc...
77.) Electrical repairs either fix washing machines, lawn mowers and the like or buy them from second hand places or the tip shop to fix and resell
78.) Personalised books. There are businesses you can buy into to do this. Basically people can pick their child’s favourite story and their child’s name is used in the book instead of a main character so it is their story.
79.) Avon and the like are a classic fall back option for many people at home. Just make sure you don’t spend your commission on the product!

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