Saturday, May 22, 2010

7 reasons I won't be watching TV anymore

A few months ago I did a no TV month. It was so good. I found it hard at first as it was a boredom buster for me, but after I got into, I was really surprised at what I found.

1.) I seemed to have more time for everything. I was not wasting time watching TV so I had more time to work, to clean the house, play with my kids, everything.
2.) I wasn’t as tired. I was going to bed earlier, because I wasn’t watching things I didn’t need to watch.
3.) I didn’t miss any shows. There was not 1 program I truly missed or deemed as a must watch show. There are shows I like, but not so much that I would record them. This just proved what a time waster it was.
4.) I slept better. I think this partly due to going to bed earlier and also partly due to my mind not being overloaded with images, making it hard to switch off.
5.) I used to switch it on instead of reading. Once I had no TV, I read books that had been waiting a long time for me to pick them up.
6.) My house was cleaner. I am hopeless at keeping m house tidy. My kids don’t help, but I also hate doing the dishes and there is usually stuff piled up on top of my dining table and kitchen benches. When I wasn’t watching TV, I cleaned all that up.
7.) The consumer in me almost dies. Not being bombarded with ads and things blatantly used in programs to make me want them I don’t have the desire to go buy things I don’t really need. I am much happier with my lot in life when I am not constantly told I need bigger, brighter, better.
So there you have it. Our house is going to be pretty much TV free from now on. I have no idea why I turned the idiot box back on after that month, it was so much better without it.

Could you live without yours? Will you?

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  1. As much as I would love to try this I don't really think I could go without tv for a long period of time. I only really enjoy watching a few programs but I wouldn't record them to watch later. I can take it or leave it but I do like to have it as an option.


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