Thursday, March 18, 2010

The right mindset

Having the right mindset is so important. Believing 100% that you will achieve your goals, visualising that you have succeeded is one of the biggest factors in achieving and being successful.

Of course, believing without doing is not going to work. You need to be actively trying to achieve your goal, not just sit back and believe you will. I mean, I can believe I will be a size 10, but without eating properly and exercising it is just not going to magically happen. BUT without believing in myself and being positive about it, it won’t happen either.

Quite a while ago I changed my mindset from focussing on our budget and how we would be able to save money by doing various things to cut back our spending to focussing on my million dollar challenge and ways I can make money. It has had an unbelievable effect.

Money is no longer an issue. I am not rich, but we always have enough and plenty to save. I think of new ways to make money every day and things are much more positive than when I focussing on saving only.

I visualise what it will be like when I have achieved my goal. I visualise different steps along the way. I visualise giving my friend $10,000 to help her take her daughter with Alstroms to a much needed clinic in America. I visualise owning properties in capital cities that I am able to rent out for lower to help people save for their own home. This is my main aim, which I will discuss more further down. I visualise myself travelling and not being worried about money.

When I visualise I completely see myself in my mind doing these things, right down to what I am wearing, what different homes look like, how I am donating the money to my friend (through a bank transfer to the specified account), everything as if it is happening. I don’t just think oh, I’d love it if this happened. I see it happening.

I also believe that because my intentions behind my challenge are good that I will definitely succeed. As I mentioned a bit further up, I would like to have properties in capital cities to rent out for lower to help people afford their own homes. My basic idea is I will have the properties either paid for or mostly paid for. There will be a thorough interview process and I will set the rent lower than market rate for 3 years to enable people to buy their own home. Rent is getting so expensive everywhere it is getting near impossible for anyone to be able to afford to buy. I will be renting to those who genuinely want to buy their own home.

It might not make a huge difference to a lot of people, but even making a difference to a few people’s lives it worth it.

I believe when your aim to be financially rich is greed, it is a lot harder to get there. The more you give the more you receive. The receiving is not always monetary either because that is not the most important thing in life. Being rich is not just a financial thing.

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