Friday, March 5, 2010

Release date and the site for my book

It’s not finished yet, but I thought I would share with you all the website I have been building for my book. I am very nervous; there is still work to do, so be kind. The heading is going to be changed and the border removed and there are a few other ideas I am playing around with, but I’ll see how I go.

To visit the site I've been building click here.

Oh, it’s scary that someone other than my family will see it!

Also, if you’d like a sneak peek inside click here

I will have a limited number of books I will sign for people that can be purchased directly from my blog here and I will set that up soon so you can order if you like. There is a limited number though, so you’ll have to be quick. I will set it up on Thursday 11th March.

I’m on a high now! Oh, and we have a release date... 15th March!


  1. How exciting! The site looks good and I cant wait till the book comes out and we can all see it for real. I bet you have orders lined up already.

  2. Congratulations to achiving so much so quickly. I have no doubt you will achive your goal.
    Regarding the web site, if it was mine I would choose a different picture than the one with the pancake/sauce reason beeing (and I have looked at hundreds of pages of receipes on the net) the pancakes lookes a little bit burnt on the edges (maybe it is just the photo) but this should be one of the best photoes in your book you should have on the web site as this is what has to tempt "me" to buy the book also I notice one of the photoes on the front cover is a cake with flowers in the background
    to me it looks more happy, warm,teempting,colourfull - it creaates more thoughts in youdr brain.The colurs on the pancake photo are mainly brown,white,pale is harder to get some thoughts going.
    I hope it is ok to mention these things and hope you will do the same to me if I ever get around to make my web site.

  3. Thanks for the encouragment.

    I was thinking of changing that picture. That's the sort of thing i am after, feedback, so big thankyou. :)

  4. Back again hope you don't mind more feed back and don't forget it is only my oppinion. I had another look at your web page and again if it was mine I would make a banner at the top in the pink/red colour of the flower behind the chocolate cake because that is the colour that stands out the most to me and it would make a good flow on the page, then I would make a banner on the left side in the light green colour you have in the pictures and have the tags -Home Receipe ets there again it would draw theattantion to the book and visa versa.Honeycombe

  5. Thanks. the banner is being worked on by someone else for me as I just couldn't get teh program to work properly on my computer and I do not like how it is so plain.

    Good idea about the tags, I'll play around with that. Thanks.

    And your welcome to leave any thoughts any time! :)

  6. Wow, how exciting! Looks good so far, you should be very proud of all your hard work :)


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