Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A big goal

I am impatient and want a house now. I know I do not have the money, but it doesn’t stop me wanting a house any less. I look at homes all the time and just wish! I know how much I need and if my life depended on it I am sure I could find ways to make more money.

I know that I will achieve my goal by April 2015, but I feel like I am in a rut. I am doing things here and there to make money, but none of it is big money. I know it is hard with my husband’s shifts, but I also I know that I need to stop using that as an excuse. If you really want something you go after it.

As such I am going to set myself a big goal. I need about $55,000 to purchase a house here. I realised today though, that I do not need to buy my first house here. For less I could purchase a house or unit somewhere else. So that is what I am going to do. In 6 months I will have a property.

Obviously I need to step up my game but I am confident. I have that jewellery to sell; I have my book coming out soon. I will finish my e book and have that out soon. I am still doing haircuts and things for people. I have lots happening “soon” but not so much right now. Although I am selling online, it is not big money.

I have a market I will be doing in March which realistically is not that far away. I still need to develop my other website and finish off building the book website. I do have a lot on my plate which is probably why I have not been making substantial amounts of money yet. All my energy has been going into future income opportunities, which is good, but I need to do more for now.

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