Monday, November 2, 2009

The markets are happening!

I arranged a little barter last night. We recently bought powdered milk in bulk only to discover we prefer our old brand and this one doesn’t mix in as well. I contacted a friend who uses it to see if she would like it in exchange for some babysitting, which means this week I get to go the markets! I have some aprons done, but will be making more. I’m trying to decide what else I can make with what I have, as I do not want to spend any money until I see if these things go well.

I have thought of more things I can sell at the markets, but they would be seasonal, so I am going to see how we go this week, then work out more of a plan as to what I will sell and when.

For this week I am thinking of doing...
Aprons, toddler, children and adult
Burp cloths for my sister
Enviro bags, possibly other types of bags
Possibly some modern cloth nappies

It all depends on how much I get done in the next few days.