Sunday, November 29, 2009

Another house, but where will I find the money?

I have found a property I really want to buy again. I really should stay off the real estate websites, but I just can’t. I’m like an addict with them. I’m on there every day, even though I am not really in a position to purchase.

Although, if I can come up with $52000 (yep, I’ll just pull it out of my butt!) I can get this property I like.

I have been tossing up different scenarios as to how I could do this, but really don’t see how I could. I can “borrow” from someone, as long as the banks think it is a gift, not a loan, but who? I could go in partnership with someone, but again who? (Other than my husband who doesn’t have enough for a deposit either, or I would not worried about this at all!)

I have been wondering how much I could come up with in a 6 week settlement period and it doesn’t look like much!

It might seem weird that I would really like this property, but based on current figures and the purchase price, it would not cost us anything except the land rates and house insurance. It is a property I could see myself living in quite happily later. It looks ideal. And to find a property here that virtually pays for itself, well I have never seen one without a MASSIVE deposit.

I could start work tomorrow, doing a 4 days a fortnight and earn $800 a fortnight. This would be a start, but in 6 weeks, it would only amount to $2400.

I have $1500 in the bank. I am booked into markets on Saturdays. I have been doing friends and family hair, which gives me a bit. I’ve sold off pretty much everything I can think of, other than things in our house in Sydney.

In Sydney we have a kitchen, my husbands work bench, a piano and more. Those would if we are lucky get us $1,000. The kitchen has stainless steel appliances and a sink, as well as the cupboards, bench etc... and it is not terribly old. We just never got around to putting it in our house.

So I have quickly come up with almost $5000, without including any hair etc... I will do.

If I sold off everything I own that I am not currently using I could get more, but then I think, what if I want to use that stuff later? I get so frustrated with all our “stuff, that it might not be a bad idea to just clean it all out and IF (really BIG IF) I decide later I would really like that stuff back, I can buy it then.

One of my friends has been considering a garage sale, and I could go in with her for that, selling things, since eBay seems really slow. Considering I have been so frustrated with all the stuff we have, this may not be a bad idea.

I need to set up my madeit store, then hopefully I would sell a few things online.

Maybe I should just clean up some of the things my husband has NEVER used and probably wont ever used and sell them.

I have not really been doing Tupperware and have a new manager, so I could contact her and maybe do a few parties?

If I started catalogues this week I could get maybe $300. Although it is a lot of time involved for very little reward in my opinion.

It’s formal and party time, so if I out the word out I am positive I could earn a fair bit doing hair and make-up between now and then.

If I went with the straightening system I have been not so keen on doing for I do not know what reason, other than instinct, I could certainly earn a bit.

Hmm, my husband is not here at the moment, but once he gets home, we certainly need to talk.