Thursday, October 1, 2009

Oct 1st update

This week has gone better than I expected. I have been sick, but still managed to make some money. I did a haircut, sold some fabric and sold some Tupperware, which I was not expecting. I cashed in some of my points from one of the survey sites I go too and my total is now $305.

I am going so slow on this, but I know I will get better. I have had my household sick for a few weeks and I came down with it bad this week, which was no fun. I did get to do a fair bit of work on my book, so whilst it is not making me money yet, it is a step towards future income.

My husbands shifts got changed this week at the last minute, which has been happening a lot. It is quite frustrating, as it means I cannot do any “conventional” work. I can’t even book Tupperware parties, because I never know if I will actually be able to do them. It has been good, as it has really prompted me to find other ways of earning an income.

I am now researching actual websites. I have a brilliant idea for one, which I have only told my husband and my sister, both of whom think it’s a great idea. But I have to be good and focus on my book, before looking too much into that. I do plan on buying my domain name and everything soon, so it doesn’t go, although I checked quite a few variations of what I want and all are available. I am so excited about my website idea; I just have no idea about websites! I have typed a brief outline and saved it on my computer, so now just have to tell myself to leave it alone and focus on 1 thing at a time.

I have known for a while, but lately it has really been hitting home to me that I am a real ideas person. I have ideas running through my head all the time. It is great in some ways but in others it drives me crazy. I often find it hard to sleep because I have to write down ideas I have, not that I’ll probably ever use them but if I don’t write them down I will be up all night thinking about them. This has been a problem since I was a teen. If I could just work out a way to get paid for the million ideas I have a day, it would be fantastic!

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