Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Fulfilling Property Price Potential

Selling a property is a complex field which a lot of people study for many years before they ever get into. From the array of laws surrounding it to the difficulty in finding good customers, this sort of effort can be a very challenging one. As a new developer, it’s likely that you don’t have much experience in this area. But, to make as much as possible from your property, you have to be able to sell it at its full potential. To help you with this, this post will be going through some of the areas you have to consider before you put your home on the market.

  • Sights and Smells

When people buy a property, they expect it to be clean, tidy, and well decorated. This means that you’ll have to do a lot of work to prepare your space for sale. To start, you should make sure that your home has been freshly painted, with things like curtains and carpets being replaced as they need to be. With this work complete, you can move onto cleaning and tidying, but this shouldn’t be too much effort. Smell is a very important factor to consider, as well, though, as this will impact the feel of your home dramatically. Clean and natural scents are best, like lavender and vanilla, as these feel very natural.

  • Issues and Inconveniences

Along with expecting a high-quality home, any potential buyers will also expect to move into a place which won’t have any issues in the near future. To make sure there are no areas like this on your property, it could be worth hiring a surveyor to check it for you. Your customers will be likely to take this action, as well. So, it makes sense to make sure that you’re ahead of them. Along with a surveyor, a plumber and electrician could be a good help in getting rid of any other issues around your property. This can be essential to the process of getting the best price for your place. But, you will still have to work hard on the sale itself.

  • The Sale Itself

With your home in the best possible shape, you’ll be ready to start employing methods to make it sell for a high price. Sales is a complex area with loads of different nuances and complications coming with it. When it comes to property, this sort difficulty only gets worse, with a large transaction like this being the hardest of all. An agent like Patrick Ascenzo real estate has much better chances of getting a higher price from your property than you ever would on your own. Using a service like this, most of the work will be handled for you, and you will almost guarantee a better result from your sale.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working on some methods to get the best possible price for your property. The difference in return this can get you is massive, with some homes and other buildings gaining a huge amount of value from it. But, it’s worth doing some research to make sure that work you do won’t cost more than it’s worth.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Appealing To The Only Real Estate Buyers Ready For Change

What we’re witnessing around the Western world is a shift in the age gap culture. Just a few short years ago, the image youngsters were being told to aspire to, what to own their own home of bricks, wood, and concrete. And yet, that just simply has not materialized yet, and perhaps it simply won’t for many more years. The Millennial generation wants to live in affordable homes, that offer something new and something that signifies a change in the way we live. Tapping into this new market is mouthwatering because the design of the home can be adventurous, while not being as large as a traditional home. And yet, a modern contemporary home will fetch a higher price than the average small family home, while being virtually the same size per square-foot. So what should be looking to build and what kind of styles could you incorporate?

Image by - vladimix

Contemporary shape and size

Tradition says you should invest or build in the normal home which is four walls making a large square. If you look at the styles of homes being made in the capital cities, you’ll see shipping containers and abstract rectangle homes are being snapped up pretty darn sharpish by young professionals. It’s far from far-fetched to look at metal building homes prices because it falls into the category of chic and spacious enough to be a comfortable living space. Investing in such as a lucrative opportunity because you can choose the amount of space you want, building or choosing many different sizes of homes. These homes can be constructed on almost any flat land because the sites are prepared with less intensity than a large brick-built home. Both huts and homes compliment the range of designs you can invest in.

The urban apartment

The parents of the young generation cared about their view right outside their home. However, their children are of a different mindset, because they don’t necessarily mind the immediate surroundings of their homes as much. The world is far better connected than a couple of decades ago. Communication and video calls are done by handheld devices, and public transport has evolved to be more reliable and easier to access. Millennials don’t care if they have a garden or not, they just want a cool and comfortable living area. You can invest in newly-made urban apartments, which offer young professionals the ability to live close to their work. These high-rise apartment buildings are luring in singles and families alike because they have modern decor, as well as interconnected technology for home appliances, making life easier.

Credit - maitemara

The renovated house share

Some young professionals want to move from the apartment scene to the shared house environment. This kind of person has made the shared house real estate market competitive among family homes. Rather than old homes going to waste, they should be renovated and each floor furnished in such as way that it becomes a studio apartment. With a kitchen area and separate shower room, you could make a healthy profit in the buy-to-let business. This kind of property is extremely popular with professionals who are near or just over their 30s and want a bit of peace and quiet along with a decreased number of other tenants above, below and beside them.

The older generation are set in their ways and don’t like to move home's once they feel in. The younger generation is more than willing to live in obscure properties with modern urban designs. There’s a lot of profit to be made in the real estate market thanks to the cultural contrasts of the millennial generation.

Travel Can Enrich Your Bank Account As Much As Your Soul

Supply and demand is one of the very first concepts a business student will learn at school, and it is the reason why so many businesses have gone down the remote working route. Those that can be considered ‘top talent’ know that a life working from wherever they want in the world is a lot better than being cooped up in some stuffy office block with half-decent views over a smog-laden metropolis. In fact, the business world has gone so nuts for this idea of remote working that some of the most successful and forward thinking companies don’t have any form of physical office whatsoever. For those who haven’t heard of such a thing, we’re talking about Toptal.

But what if you don’t exactly fall feet-first into the category of ‘top talent’? Does that mean your chances of working abroad are quashed before they ever got underway? Does that mean it is impossible for you to champion your love of both traveling and money? Well, to give it to you straight, the answer is no.

There are plenty of opportunities for people to get a job working overseas; jobs that include anthropologists, archaeologists, traveling nurse, pilot, and so much more. With that said, there is one that doesn’t require such a specialist skill - something tens of thousands of people do every year - and that is teaching English abroad.

Now if you are thinking that teaching English as a foreign language is all well and good for those who want to see a new place, and maybe save a few bucks to go traveling while they are there, but that doesn't exactly cater to those who want to make money, then you are wrong. Sure, it probably won’t see you become a fixture on the Forbes Richest Billionaires List, or even build wealth like a billionaire, but it can more than offer you a decent salary, a great lifestyle and even the chance to tuck a healthy amount away for a rainy day.

Of course, not every country is born equal in this sense. In fact, the majority of locations don’t pay very much at all. However, there are exceptions to every rule and, in this case, places that pay surprisingly well. So, without further ado, here are the places where teaching English abroad can really see you strike it rich:

1.) South Korea
When it comes to landing a well-paid gig teaching English, South Korea will top most lists. To cut to the chase, there are a ton of jobs out this way, the pay tends to range between $2600 to $5000 a month, and then there are all the incredible perks that you are likely to get too. If you want a detailed understanding, then we recommend you look at https://www.internationalteflacademy.com. In short, though, we’re talking about a month’s salary as a bonus for completing a twelve-month contract, healthcare insurance, free furnished housing, and your to-and-from flights paid for. You can save between $12,000 and $15,000 over the course of the year, and that was without living stringently too. It is quite easy to see why this is such an attractive proposition. But that isn’t the only reason why; South Korea is also known for having a lot of opportunities for first-time teachers. So, if you don’t have any experience, then this should definitely pique your interest. Anyway, it isn’t just the money side of things that make S. Korea so great, it is also a truly magical place to live. The local cuisine is delicious, the cost of living is incredibly low, and the people are so kind, warm and generous. It is also a place packed full of other expats and that makes the social side of proceedings so much fun. In conclusion, a year of teaching English in South Korea could see you have a great time, leave with your debts paid off and have enough cash in your wallet to keep traveling.

2.) Indonesia
It may seem odd that Indonesia has snatched the second spot on our list, especially given the average monthly salary is around $1,200 to $1,900, but the cost of living is so wonderfully low that this tends to stretch an awful long way. Much like we saw with South Korea, this means you can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while also tucking plenty away at the end of each month. Of course, how much you make is dependent on your experience and qualification, much like it will be everywhere else you go. On top of this healthy remuneration package, though, most agencies will also give your health care cover, as well as a housing allowance. What you do with that is up to you, but to see just what you could be getting - or even investing in - take a quick peek at http://rumahdijual.com/tanah-dijual. Just so you don’t go in there too blind, most of the jobs going require you to have a bachelor's degree, as well as TEFL certificate prior to applying. However, this will work in your favor as it will improve your competitiveness, salary, and chances of landing a top paying gig. Another thing that is worth being aware of is the rules, some of which should be looked at a little more carefully, such as the need for an exit visa. However, this level of research is no different from anywhere else you are considering. In terms of lifestyle, Indonesia offers up a serious amount of wow-factor moments thanks to its varied scenery, beautiful culture and gorgeous languages, which means you are guaranteed a great time no matter where you choose. If you want to be part of a good expat community, however, then you are best off applying for positions in Jakarta.

3.) Dubai
It doesn’t matter what sector or industry you work in, the main reason people flock to The Middle East is that of the financial packages that are on offer here, and it is no different for teaching. The salaries here are outrageous. We’re talking about $80,000 a year plus for an experienced teacher, and that is without the benefits and perks that tend to come as part of the package. Oh, and there is no tax to concern yourself with either, which means most teachers who head here for a year leave with a bank account that’s $50,000 heavier. However, this is no place for the recent college graduate. Sorry. It is just part of how the thing works out there. When they are paying salaries this high they want to know they are getting the best, most talented and most experienced candidates. They want to have teachers that could teach English at high school level in America, which is no easy feat. Anything less, though, and you are wasting your time. As such, the teacher community out here is a little bit older, with most of the expats in their adult years, with kids and families and a settled lifestyle. Of course, it isn’t just about Dubai; Qatar, Abu Dhabi, UAE and Oman are all hotspots that pay $3,500 and $5,000 a month. So, if you are an experienced English teacher, then this could be something for you.

4.) Japan
It may not quite be what it used to be in terms of opportunities and ease, but it’s fantastic reputation still stands, and for good reason too. In fact, this reputation is part of the reason why Japan attracts just as many applicants as South Korea. Like we said, though, it isn’t the place it was, by which we mean you can’t just head here, get a teaching job and make a stash of cash. It has changed somewhat in that sense. However, if you are willing to sign a twelve-month contract and hold true to it then you can easily save a healthy dollop of your salary, which can be up to $3,000 a month. Not bad, huh. But before you start to get too excited about the prospect of living among snow-capped mountains, cherry blossom trees and some of the most polite people on the planet, it is worth knowing that the cost of living is very high. In fact, the cost of living can very easily eat into the money you were hoping to save - especially if you take a job in Tokyo. However, you can sign up to a government run program that rewards long-term teachers with a healthy benefits package and completion bonus, as well as a housing allowance and free flights. The other thing that makes Japan an attractive proposition - much like South Korea - is the fact experience isn’t necessary. It’s definitely beneficial but not necessary. However, with the competition being so ferocious out there the more you can add to your resume the better.

As you have probably deduced, teaching English abroad is a great way to travel and make money, sometimes even pay off student loans and everything else. However, to get the most out of your pay package, getting TEFL certificates ahead of time and adding to your experience are in your best interests. It is also worth noting the contracts that last two years will pay more than one that pays more than six months.

Spotting The Future: Properties That Lure The Aspirational Class

Experts were warning of doom and gloom after the 2007/8 economic crash, but they could not have been more wrong. The affluent middle class has not been deterred by those events and quite cheerfully, carried on living their lives who they want to. More and more people around the world, from all manner of cultures and different walks of life, are setting their sights high and want to be part of the aspirational movement. Property investment is humongous market which anyone can essentially partake in because there’s never an oversupply of investors. The trends of the property market are much more impactful than perhaps any other business industry. By default, large sums of money have to flow, and each purchase of building project is worth more per transaction compared to other products and services. But where and what should potential real estate investors pool their resources to get hefty returns?

Source - pxhere

Stylish apartments

The world is more connected than ever, with airports and ships making the world smaller and smaller. The middle class wants luxury and exuberance when it comes to their holiday apartments. Sure they may have settled for something less, but that was a decade ago. Now the trend signifies a change in mood as holiday apartments allow anyone to live a life of opulence and escape the mundanity of normal work life. They want to sip champagne on the balcony while having dinner under the stars and enjoy the sights of the skyline on display. They want to pampered and treated like royalty while living in an atmosphere splendidly alien to their own. Such investment property would reward anyone an eye for consumer trends with glorious returns. It doesn’t look like this kind of holidaying and standard of luxury will be going away anytime soon, and in fact, quite the opposite.

Photo by - Brent and Amanda I

Middle-class lettings

Young professionals are not like their parents, but it’s not because they don’t want to be. With the population of the world growing beyond 7 billion people, the demand far exceeds the supply in the housing market. Millennials intent on starting a family, are dismayed by the fact that housing prices have gone up far beyond anything their parents had to pay in their era. So, now these families are turning toward houses and apartments that give them the space they need without the burden of outright buying. They would rather rent and happily pay healthy renting fees to live in a property similar to their aspirations than settle for something smaller. Those looking to seize the opportunity should invest in buy to let properties, especially around the outskirts of large cities. Millennial parents want to keep working while also bringing up their children; thus the suburban life isn’t too far from their jobs in the city, yet provides a degree of privacy and space.

The middle class is steadily upgrading to the lifestyle of the upper-middle class. But, because the size of the shift is so incredibly large, property trends are more valid than any other industry. Young families may not be able to buy the homes they want just yet, but the majority are willing to pay a little extra to live a lifestyle they want in the meantime. Holidaymakers are much the same, with many choosing to live for now and not be so frugal.

Investment 101: A Beginner's Guide

Are you looking for a way to make some extra money? Perhaps you want to save up for a mortgage on a larger property, treat your family to a holiday or even just plan for the future...Investment is an excellent way to do it.

What is Investment?  

Investment is the practice of putting your money into something and hoping a profitable return.

Types of Investment

There are three main types of investment you can look into:

Cash- This is the simplest form of investment, and occurs when you put your money into a savings account with your bank or building society. As the months go on you will make interest on any funds in the account.

Shares- Another popular choice, this is when you put money down to buy a stake in a company. The stock market is often a source of confusion for many, but let's explain it in simple terms. If you buy a share from a company for $13.20, and then the value of the share increases by $40 due to a successful business, you can sell your stock for a profit of $26.80 (40-13.20). This is why people watch the stock market constantly to monitor when values increase, allowing them to sell their share for a profit.

Property - Real Estate is a huge market when it comes to investment, and more people are buying into property every single day. High Return Real Estate is a great way to invest in property, and you can make money on the property by purchasing at auction, renovating for a low cost and selling on or renting the property to tenants.

What Are The Risks?

As with anything involving money, there are risks to be considered. The amount of risk depends on the type of investment you go for, but generally, no investment goes without certain risks. For example, when you store money in a savings account, interest rates can vary with inflation, which could mean you are losing out on the money.

Stocks are always a risk because you could buy a stake in a company and then the value could fall dramatically due to unforeseen circumstances, meaning you can't sell it on for a decent return.

The best way to reduce risk is not to put all of your eggs in one basket. Invest small amounts in multiple shares or properties, and you will be much less likely to lose out.

When To Start

Whatever the reason for your investment, whether it be for the short term or your retirement: it is important to make sure you have sufficient funds in the bank before you consider investing. It is, of course, all down to you and whether you are willing to take a risk or want to play it safe. Either way, hopefully, this article gave you the insight to make that decision.

Choosing what to invest in is also down to the funds you have available. Property can be a lot more costly than purchasing shares, so it may be wiser to begin there if you don't have a large volume of cash on hand.