Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Making Your Fortune by Trading Stocks

No matter where we come from or what our background might be, I firmly believe that most of us share one single goal. We all want to be millionaires. If not for the sake of it, then as a means of achieving our other primal goals in life. But let’s face it - except in some very few rare cases - a millionaire status is not something that is just going to be handed to you on a silver platter, you’ll have to work for it, and I mean work.
Well, maybe you don’t even need a 7-figure bank balance, some people just want to have a pleasant life with lots of free time to take care of what really matters to them, without having to deal with constant work-related stress. Either way, just having a nice job is not going to cut it, we will need to take risky leaps of faith into unknown territories to have a real shot at financial security and independence.

What are Smart Investments?
If you really want to achieve financial security, then you’re going to need to stop thinking about money. Sounds like an oxymoron, but it really is the key concept. You shouldn’t work to make more money, you need to start thinking about how to make money, work for you. And that is what a smart investment is really all about. You don’t even need large amounts of capital to do it, let me explain.
In this rapidly changing economy, the market is also evolving in order to survive. With all these changes, new opportunities blossom and it’s time to take advantage of that. Now more than ever, online trading is available to all of us, so let’s take a closer look at stock tradings and what we need to know before we venture into it.
It used to be that in order to trade stocks, you needed the services of a broker, which required large amounts of capital to invest. Not to mention that they weren’t always readily available, and stock trading was limited to few selected countries, due to all existing laws and regulations.
However, this all changed with the introduction of Contracts for Difference, or CFDs. In this new concept, you don’t need large sums of money to invest. Instead, you just open a contract and trade on the price movement of said stock, and since it’s just a small percentual value of the entire transaction (sometimes as low as 2%), you can open some CFDs with just a few dollars invested. CFDs give you a much higher leverage than traditional stock trading, they could potentially maximize your earning, but this also magnifies the losses.

How to Make Smart Investments.
Making your own fortune by trading stocks is a perfectly achievable goal, but it requires discipline and lots of it. Online trading might seem mystical and complicated, but its behaviour can be predicted by using information as our primary tool. The more we know and understand, the better choices we will be able to make.
Of course, you can also venture in stock trading without it, but then it wouldn’t be much different than a night at the casino. You could go from King of the Hill to horribly broke, in the blink of an eye. In games of chance there is nothing you can do that would have an effect on the results. But with online stock trading, when you fully grasp all of its dynamics, you can make huge profits even at the downfall of some markets.
But what if I don’t even know where to begin? Don’t worry, that usually is the case for most of us. Luckily there are several companies that specialize in CFDs trading, and my recommendation is that you take a look at CMC Markets.
Registration is free, and with it, you get access to several hours of educational content. They walk you through from the very beginning and make sure you have all the needed pointers to make smart and safe investments. Now you can finally let the money work for you. Note from Aspiring Millionaire - this article was provided by Tom Hawkins. I love investing and stock trading has been one of the things I have done while building my fortune and have discussed on this site regularly.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Change of direction - New Aspiring Millionaires

What do you do when you have achieved your goals?

I started this blog in 2009, with the goal of becoming a millionaire by 30. The turns my life has taken and where I am at now is so different to what I anticipated. It is better than I could have imagined and I am so grateful I set that goal back then and that I learned to roll with whatever happened in my life, took things as they came and turned many obstacles into opportunities.

I know own multiple websites, am a published author, international speaker, have won numerous awards and been a finalist or runner up for more. I have been through divorce, homelessness, being a single mum, moving interstate a few times, robbed of everything, rebuilt my life, sold off everything and started over in the past few years. I am now 30 years old and can't quite believe the life I have is truly mine.

I took a step back from this blog, I was even going to sell it. I felt 'aspiring millionaire' no longer described me nor worked for me. I had surpassed that point in my life and this site no longer reflects my life goals.

When you reach your goals, you set new ones! 

While I may not be 'aspiring millionaire' anymore, I know many others who are aspiring to be millionaires and my own daughters want to make their own money.

As such, this site is going to have a change in direction. It will still be about aspiring millionaires, ways to make and save money, it won't be about my journey though. I will share ways kids can make and save money, possibly share my own daughters journey (and any money made because of them on here will go to them), share interviews of millionaires and those on their way etc.

The aim of aspiring millionaire will be to help and inspire others to take control of their finances and create their own financial freedom.

What are your financial goals? How are you going to achieve them?

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Life experiences with kids - how to live your bucket list as a parent #ShareAnExperience

Earlier this year I resigned myself to the fact I wouldn't get to do much travel or tick much off my bucket list. My kids don't have passports (long and complicated reason why not) so I can't take them with me on some of the amazing adventures we have been offered like Spain and Japan and as a result, I opted not to go.

I was a little sad about it, but knew we would do other amazing things and I can push for passports later when my health is better. Australia has so much to offer anyway!

Last weekend we got to experience some of the amazing things on offer in Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsular thanks to Adrenalin and their Share An Experience campaign, where if you register here you can possibly win and experience for you and a friend.

As a parent, you can't just go somewhere on a whim, or so many think. If you prep your kids well beforehand and have that desire to travel and experience things and instil it in them, it's surprising what you can do.

How to get kids on board with travel and life experiences
1.) Let them choose some of it
We have conversations about things we want to do such as travel to America, swim with dolphins, ride a hot air balloon etc. When they see things on TV shows they would like to do we talk about it and how we would like to do it. My daughters have their own bucket lists as well. They like being able to set goals and have some say in the things they do in their life.

2.) Get them involved in the planning
My daughters are involved in the process of deciding how we will get somewhere, our budget, what we will do and see, where we go and so on. Being involved makes them feel part of the trip, they understand what goes into the amazing experiences we have and it means when we say no to something, they are a lot more understanding because they know why.

It really is that simple to get kids excited, involved and willing to participate in whatever it is you want to do.

How to travel and do these experiences with kids
Travelling with kids can be trickier, it takes longer, there are unexpected delays (toilet stops, food, motion sickness and fighting to name a few...). It is not the same as being single or part of a couple where you can throw a few things in a bag and go. Travelling and things with kids requires a lot more planning, but it is still doable.

1.) Have a travel bag
My kids each have a small suitcase they can carry themselves. They have learnt to roll and pack enough clothing for a few days, toiletries, a mini pillow and their favourite blanket into these suitcases. Having a bag specifically for travel means whenever we are going, they don't have to empty their school bag or rummage around trying to find something. It also means they are used to packing the same bag, know what fits, how to make things fit and how to pack it effectively.

2.) Lists
We work off lists. Lists of things we want to do and achieve (aka bucket list), lists for what to pack depending on where we are going and for how long. Lists of what needs to be done before we can go eg arranging someone to feed our chickens, taking the trash out, clean house etc.

My kids write their own list, I check it then we work from it.

3.) Make it fun!
We drove to Melbourne from Canberra. That is nearly 7 hours from our house to the city centre where we were staying, potentially a long and boring drive. We focussed on what we were doing once in Melbourne, I made it clear the drive is longer than a whole day spent at school, we stopped at places along the way including "The Dog on the Tucker Box" which they had learnt about at school

And the submarine at Holbrook where they got to explore the museum, look through a periscope and climb all over the submarine.

We talked, sang, they drew pictures and did some school work on their iPads. Travel is what you make it, if you expect it to be long and boring, it will be.

4.) Let them record it through their own eyes
My kids get to take pictures, record themselves doing things, have mini interviews and learn all about the digital ways to record it plus they pick up brochures everywhere and create their own travel journal. Unfortunately, there were some technical glitches so I don't have the video of them I wanted to share.

5.) Go with the flow
Things do not go as planned. Learn to adapt quickly, always be confident in front of your kids. When they suspect you don't know what is happening or you are stressed, it makes them stressed and they act out. For a calmer trip, you need to keep your cool. Kids make messes, flights get delayed, people get sick, weather impacts on activities. Don't let it put a damper on what you are planning on doing, instead, think outside the box and try something else.

On the weekend we swam with dolphins in the morning (our experience was booked with Adrenalin here), which was high on my 6yr olds bucket list. She delighted seeing them jump in the waves the boat made and getting to be so close to them. She did not expect the water to be so cold though and didn't stay in for long. Anyway, between that and the horse riding in the afternoon (another activity they delight in, which we will definitely do more of. Our exact experience was this one), we had a few hours to fill and were considering hanging out on the beach more until we saw a poster advertising a school fete that day, so we went to it.

It was not in our 'plans' but we had so much fun! Going with the flow, changing things when the opportunity comes up can enrich your experience if you let it.

Kids can do more than you think they can
We had a full on few days. Driving Canberra to Melbourne then in the following days we had this hot air balloon ride, which we got up at 4:30am for, followed by a helicopter ride

then we finished the day with a spa watching the sunset over Melbourne.

The next morning we were up early again to get to the Mornington Peninsular in time for our swim with dolphins, followed by the school fete and the horse riding

You can do anything you want to do and having kids shouldn't stop you from getting out there and marking things of your bucket list, sharing experiences with friends and family, travelling and do all that you want to do in your life! Make sure you check out Adrenalin and their Share An Experience campaign for discounts and your chance to win an experience!

What are your tips for travelling or doing life experiences with kids?

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Why you should shop around for a bank #Sponsored

Shopping around is something most people do for a lot of different things. Whether you’re looking for a new apartment to move into, a new car to drive away in, a new outfit to show off, or a new smartphone to use, it’s only natural that you compare the prices of various sellers before making the final purchase. But when it comes to opening an account or getting a loan from a bank, perhaps we don’t shop around as much as we should.
Have you always just stayed with the same bank because it’s familiar? Or does the research involved in making a smart switch seem like more effort than it’s worth? It’s time to think again. Here are three great reasons to consider other options when looking for a financial institution.

Different Banks Have Different Strengths

Very few banks excel at everything. While one company may have the ideal savings account for you, the credit cards they offer might not match your needs as well as another bank’s. Whenever you are on the market for a new type of financial product, it’s important to look beyond your current go-to organisation and investigate whether others specialise in the item you require.

For example, some banks like Queensland’s Heritage Bank have become known for offering lower rates on home loans, personal loans, and other items in this area. Do some research online to discover the front-runners in the financial field you’re looking at. Comparison websites can help!

Find The Best Rates

Shopping around for a bank is a great way to ensure your current provider doesn’t get complacent and cease to offer you the best deals. When you come across competitors’ alternatives that are tempting to you, approach your bank with them and challenge them to meet or beat the other organisation’s offer. If they refuse, it could be worth going through with your bluff and switching over. Either way, shopping around can help you secure a better deal for yourself.

Explore the Alternatives

When you shop around for a bank, you quickly discover that your options extend far beyond the big banks. And this discovery can reveal alternatives that better suit your needs and finances. During the course of your research, you might come across independent lenders, building societies and mutual banks. These institutions are usually run to benefit their customers, not profit-driven shareholders, and this can mean lower rates and fees.

Even if the best solution to your situation does end up coming from a traditional bank, shopping around before making the final decision will give you the peace of mind of knowing you really are getting the best deal available.

Yes, researching and comparing banks will take you time and effort. For some people, this alone is a good enough reason to just stick with the same provider – even if they could be missing out on better alternatives. But a little bit of legwork can lead to a whole lot of savings when it comes to shopping around for a bank. Share your greatest tips for doing this in the comments below.

This post was provided by Heritage Bank, but we agree with the sentiment. Definitely shop around as you can save a lot of money!
Have you shopped around with your bank? What tips do you have?

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Use Your Look to Increase Your Expertise

The harsh reality of today's society is that more often than not our credibility is judged on how we look. Presenting yourself in such a way that it is clear you look after yourself and are confident in your skin will help project to others that you are a capable, confident and knowledgeable person. People love to look at and talk about others so give them something wonderful to say about you by looking the part of an expert.

Thankfully creating a professionally appropriate look is not going to cost you an arm and leg as many would have you believe. There are a few tricks you can use to keep the cost low and the style high.

1: Stick to a neutral colour mix

The point here is to have majority of your clothes in a colour range that can easily mix and match with other. Neutral colours are better for this as they can be brightened up with bold coloured accessories, or glammed up with metallic accessories or darkened with muted or sombre toned accessories.
Neutral tones include browns, black, white, creams, tans, navy, even maroon and olive green.
Depending on what field you are in, too much bright colour or bold prints can be perceived as tacky, so it's best to keep them to your accessories to avoid any dramas. For myself, I go a statement necklace to keep my personality alive in my look but still keeping my outfit respectful to my workplace environment.

Emerge Cowl Fitted Dress found via Fashion Lane
Emerge Cowl Fitted Dress found via Fashion Lane

Heine Dress found via Fashion Lane
Heine Dress found via Fashion Lane

2: Research from the comfort of your own home

Get comfy and do your research online. There is an abundance of websites that sell great basics at a fraction of in store prices. There is an even greater range of sites that have basics with a twist, like a different print, colour, a slightly different cut or style.
By looking online you are giving yourself the opportunity to compare pieces and find a cheaper price in your own time, not restricted by opening hours, and it is much more comfortable.
Check out Fashion Lane where sales from over 100 stores like Asos, Shopbop and The Iconic are all in the one place.

Lydia Double Layer Maxi Dress found via Fashion Lane
Lydia Double Layer Maxi Dress found via Fashion Lane
Panelled Bodycon Dress found via Fashion Lane
Panelled Bodycon Dress found via Fashion Lane

3: Know your body shape

This one is the most important. If you are purchasing clothes that are not the right style for your  body shape you can look frumpy, "fat", and unattractive. You'll feel much more negative about yourself in clothes that don't fit or suit your body. It's a bit like square peg, round hole. Personal Stylists can help determine your body shape and how to dress it to maximise your beautiful body and individual style.
Knowing your body shape and what cuts and styles suit your shape will help narrow down appropriate options for you. It will also help you discard anything that won't suit you, so you won't have clothes (essentially your money) sitting in your cupboard doing nothing. Your wardrobe will be full of items that will look good on you, help you feel better about yourself and you will also impress others by always looking the part.
Midi Pencil Dress in Rib found via Fashion Lane
Midi Pencil Dress in Rib found via Fashion Lane

Praslin Plus Body Con Dress found via Fashion Lane
Praslin Plus Body Con Dress found via Fashion Lane

What tips do you have to look the part on a budget?


 *Sponsored Guest Post by Jac Lambert of - Thoughts and opinions are her own