Saturday, December 16, 2017

What Is Good Debt vs. Bad Debt?

While we may want to live a life that is debt-free, there are many reasons why we are likely to not be completely debt-free, for a while at least anyway. But the important thing to remember is that there is such a thing as good debt and bad debt. Some debts do fall into a bit of a grey area, but overall, there are two categories. Good debt is borrowing money for the things that you truly need and appreciate. A mortgage to own a home would be an example of good debt, as owning a home means you have somewhere to live, and it can help you to make money, at the end of the day. Bad debt, however, is much more about the things that you want, rather than need, and the things that will depreciate in value. So not all debt is bad; it is how you use it that makes the difference.
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Good Debt

  • Education
    • Borrowing money for your education is an example of good debt. You are getting something out of it, and it will help your life in the future. You’re aren’t going to become a lucrative doctor or lawyer if you don’t get the right qualifications for the job.
  • Home Mortgage
    • As has been described, there are many reasons why getting a mortgage is considered good debt. You’re no longer paying rent which is just money going nowhere. Plus, you are getting an asset. So if you need to, you can sell up, pay back the loan and pocket the profit.
  • Cars and Transport
    • If you need transport to get to and from work, and public transport is not good where you are, then getting an auto loan can be really helpful to get you around. Like a home, you also have an asset. So if you need to, you can sell it and move on.
  • Business Loan
    • If you’re looking to go into business, then you may need some cash to get the ball rolling. With a proven business plan and some hard work, this kind of debt doesn’t have to be classed as bad debt, because you will be able to pay it back. You just need to make sure that you do have a good business plan to get the money back to the lender.

Bad Debt

  • Credit Card Debt
    • Getting into debt on a credit card is one of the worst things that you can do. It can impact your credit rating, as well as mean you are paying a lot of money in interest each month. If it was just for groceries or clothes; are they really worth it?
  • Payday Loans
  • Similar to a credit card, but likely to have a much bigger interest rate, this is certainly classed as bad debt. The only thing that you will be getting from it is more debt. Not an asset or anything else that will help you in life. So they are best to be avoided if you want to stay out of bad debt.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Just How Well Are You Doing?

Person Pointing On Paper

When you’re struggling with money, your job, or your family life, it can be very hard to
know exactly what is going wrong. Those around you are enjoying their success,
having worked hard to form a good life. Of course, though, you’ve worked hard, too,
and this makes it very frustrating when you’re being left behind. To help you out with this,
this post is going to show you how to turn this feeling around to make it into a tool to
use against complacency, pushing you to go further than ever before.

To begin, it’s time to think about why you’d want to compare yourself to others. In a lot
of cases, people suggest that taking this sort of approach can be damaging to your
self-esteem or confidence, as you will be looking for things which are wrong with what
you’ve done. Of course, though, this sort of logic doesn’t quite hold up. Instead, in reality,
you can’t possibly know how well you’re doing without using other people as a reference,
and won’t be able to improve without finding the ways to do it. A simple comparison can
do all of this for you, while also giving you a way to build new goals and aspirations.

There are loads of places to look for this kind of comparison. But, to make sure that you’re
being fair to yourself, it’s best to make sure that your reference point is someone you don’t
know. If you are very interested in biology, for example, Sir David Attenborough could be
a great place to go from. Of course, though, you’ll have to be careful not to aim too high,
as this could make it disappointing if you fail to reach your goals. The internet is by far the
best place for this kind of research.

It can be very hard to know which parts of a person to consider first when you’re doing
something like this. Work ethic is a big area, as this will be the fundamental building
blocks for your success. Along with this, being able to run more than one business will
be a huge challenge, though some are able to do it. It’s always worth trying to
get more info when you’re researching like this. Even small things, like when someone
was able to retire, are very important to your comparison. When you look for people with
the skills and traits you want for yourself, it’s important to make sure you are considering
the ways those people have gained them.

Finally, as the last area to consider, a lot of people will struggle to find much positive when
they’re comparing themselves to others. Unfortunately, it can be hard to see
the good in yourself, and this is a shame. Even when you find a trait you don’t like,
you shouldn’t see it as a bad thing. Instead, with the right kind of effort, you will be able
to use this realisation as a way to improve your own life, along with the lives of
those around you.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to take a look at your life and see what you think of it.
In a lot of cases, people will find this sort of work hard, and will struggle to find the areas
they’d like to improve. If this is the case, it’s always worth doing some research to help
you, as this will often open your eyes.

Careful, These Property Buying Pitfalls Have A Long Drop

Buying property is going to be one of the most important and perhaps the biggest financial decisions of your life. You’re going to be spending hundreds of thousands in cash on the property, so you need to make sure that you do take this decision seriously. It’s important that you take the right steps and avoid any serious mistakes. There are quite a few to avoid. The problem is that if you make a mistake buying property, it doesn’t go away. It sticks with you because the purchase is so large that any issue just carries over and can haunt you for years. So, let’s look at some of the possible pitfalls and make sure you don’t fall down them.

Not Bothering To Use A Mortgage Broker

This is a massive mistake and to understand why we first need to know exactly what
a mortgage broker is. A mortgage broker is an expert liaison on the property market.
They will rub shoulders and shake hands with all the key lenders on the market.

So, when you go to a lender, they might offer you a certain set of dealers, but the
mortgage broker will be able to access an entirely different rota of possibilities. They
can then present them to you, ensuring that you get the best deal on the market.

As well as this, when you use a mortgage broker, you have an expert on your team. You
have someone that will start you off with a great deal and then work on it, even more,
trimming the little issues off so to speak until you have the perfect mortgage package
that provides you with the best advantage financially buying property. Indeed, a
company like Brighter Finance will give you advice and expertise that will put you
at an advantage when compared to all the other buyers on the market. Of course,
getting the right mortgage is only part of the property buying game.

Not Getting A Survey

You should always get a survey when you’re buying property. You might find that a
seller recommends that you don’t because they are looking for a super fast sale. Instead,
they want the sale to go through in a matter of weeks.

Brilliant - you say - knowing full well that this limits the chance of another buyer
swooping in with an offer on the home. But this is a common tactic that sellers
use when they know a serious issue could show up on a survey that will massively
weaken the value of the home.

For instance, you might want to arrange a survey of an older home, and the buyer
may agree with one tiny little amendment. They forbid the surveyor to drill any holes
in the wall. You probably think that sounds reasonable. After all, if you don’t go through with
the purchase, you can see why they wouldn’t want damage to the property.

Wait though because the surveyor assures you that the holes would be tiny and barely noticeable and really not worth worrying about.

You run it past the seller, but their decision is final. Huh? A little research will
tell you that drilling holes is the only real way you can check for asbestos.
So if no holes are drilled a surveyor can’t confirm or deny the existence of asbestos in the property. You should see now why surveys are essential. If you don’t
arrange one, you never really know what you’re buying. While they are less
important for new builds, they are still worth completing. A survey will tell you about
the quality of the build and whether it’s worth the asking price.

Missing The Haggle

‘The Asking Price Is Final.’ How many times have you seen that in a home advertisement?
This does not mean that you shouldn’t haggle a little. Usually, in cases like this if you
enquire they’ll tell you that they have had a few interested parties.

An easy rule for this is to divide whatever number they give by three. So, if they say, they have had three other people view their property,
it’s probably just one or even none. Home buyers always aim to suggest there’s more interest because
that makes their property a more valuable asset.

So don’t be fooled by the ‘there’s a lot of interest’ line. When you make an
offer give them a number that you can afford and that you deem to be fair. They might come back and
say they’ll only sell for more, so try again, this time at a higher price.
Remember the agent has to present any offer to the seller. So, while it is in your best interest to choose an offer deemed appropriate whatever
you say will be accepted as an offer.
As such, there’s really no reason no to haggle a little and aim for the best price.
The best tip we can offer about haggling is to start at a reasonable point and go
from there.

Failing To Ask Questions

Here’s a little fact about buying real estate. Legally, homeowners and agents don’t
have to disclose any information about the property unless you ask them about it directly.
So, you might be buying an old house where an elderly person once lived.
Perhaps you’re bothered about the possibility that they died there. Don’t assume for a
moment that a seller will tell you this unless you ask them outright. The same
is true for any issues with the home. Unless you ask them, they are not under a
legal requirement to tell you anything.

Saving A Low Amount

Last but not least, you need to make sure you are saving as much money as possible
to buy your home.
If you don’t do this, even the help of a mortgage broker won’t grant you access to the
best deals buying the home. So, make sure that you aim to save
twenty percent of the asking price of the home. That way, you won’t find that
repayments are unmanageable a few years down the line.  

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Are the loyalty programs rewarding? Here’s how they are shaping the B2B and B2C marketplaces

Loyalty programs are evolving with time and these programs are now the backbones of a number of industries. These programs are among the most influential factors behind the growth of B2B and B2C marketplaces. Brands targeted by the mass marketers are truly exploring the concept of loyalty. In an attempt to do some research on their customer data, these brands have utilized loyalty programs for their long-term benefits.

Is retaining a better option than acquiring new customers?

Few of the latest industry surveys have depicted huge profitability concerning online purchases achieved by a majority of loyalty program members. The idea that any marketing model should consider these programs as a major element of focus is widely perceived by most the industry experts.
The fact that the experts consider these programs as a key ingredient of any successful marketing mix has made it truly worthy of investing in such programs. The mass acquisition has been a conventional method and there has been a large shift towards targeted retention of late. Customer retention has always been crippled by a few challenges, which these loyalty programs are now dealing with. That’s one reason why these loyalty programs have been so fruitful for them.
A competitive market counts upon “loyalty” and other business imperatives. Loyalty has been a major driving factor that led to the evolution of the traditional selling concept. Much to your delight, you may now come across a program that offer rewards in the dental industry. Marketers of our times are utilizing buyer data, insights, touchpoints, and interactions for expanding the scope of developing an improved communication platform, loyalty programs, and market proposals. This, in turn, takes both the latest and the previous marketing models into account for determining the evolution of loyalty.
Analyzing various Customer trends helps a brand generate a customer database in their attempt to fulfill their long-term business goals. When it comes to online purchases, more of savings and rewards can be achieved by customers as they can explore more opportunities under the B2C programs. With the most advanced technologies in place, the customers are able to achieve maximum benefits attached to these loyalty programs.

Determining the effectiveness of customer engagement

Consumers are always glad when they find a reason for joy and it proves to be a bundle of joy for them when they achieve a few extra discounts. Consumers are always urged by market research companies to come up with their queries and participate in the engagement channels that are rated highly within the market. Loyalty programs are actually aimed at helping consumers in enjoying the right blend of rewards by associating themselves with a certain brand and by taking part stretched conversations.
You’ll hardly come across loyalty programs that are based on the points systems. Even a few small changes in the consumer behavior pattern can be tracked by the communicative marketing platforms. “Loyalty” is the ultimate objective to be achieved by all of these platforms as they follow marketing model based on customer data.
Unlike a few years back, it has become a lot easier for the consumers to express their inclination towards a particular brand in this era of globalization. The loyalty programs have come up with new and improved access points and reward levels for establishing interactive communication between a business and their consumers.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Love At First Sight: Top Tips For Turning Your Property Into A Heart Breaker

There are all sorts of tips and tricks about how to sell a home. And, each guide refers to appearance at some stage. The way a property looks is hugely important. If you want to seal a sale, it’s essential you think about how your property looks. If it doesn’t have the wow factor, it’s down to you to consider why. After all, the majority of house hunters search for that gut feeling above all. And, you don’t get gut feelings with a mediocre appearance.

Your first step is, of course, to ensure the pictures look good. This is the first idea buyers will gain of how property looks inside. While not the be all and end all, bad pictures could stop many from even viewing the house. So, think carefully about how you stage these. Then, set about ensuring your viewings leave clients head over heels for your investment. Here are a few ways to cast that love spell, and ensure you fulfill your property’s potential.

Make it feel like home

One of the first things you should consider is how much like a home your property appears. Though we try to look past things such as decor during viewings, they have more of an impact than you’d think. Empty properties rarely cast a spell on those viewing. Equally, properties with dated or terrible decor don’t tend to go down well. Sure, these things can change. But not all potential buyers have the vision to see how. Which is why you should think about setting up your property for viewings. You could get a house which is already perfect for this by looking into display homes for sale. These properties were designed to look good, so they’re sure to seal the deal. Or, you could spend a little time kitting out the house in a style you think would suit many people. It’s difficult to go wrong with neutral colors and pretty furniture.

Let light in

Few people fall in love with dingy houses. Especially in the modern age, home buyers look for bright and airy spaces. The good news for you is that it’s possible to make even dark houses light up for viewings. Rule number one is that you should never arrange a viewing at night time. This just isn’t the best way to make your house shine. Even during daytime viewings, leave lights on, and make sure to open all curtains around the house. The more light you can create, the better chance you have of selling.

Keep it clean

Much like decor, the current cleanliness of a property has little impact on its actual condition. But, dirty properties don’t sell. There’s a good reason most homeowners scour and scrub the whole house when trying to sell. You should do the same. A pristine property just has more chance of sticking in someone’s mind. Don’t put obstacles in the way of love. Get rid of every speck and imperfection. Then, let your property do the talking.